It is not a stretch to say the Los Angeles Angels will make one of the most significant decisions in franchise history within the next two weeks. Maybe the most significant decision in franchise history.

The trade deadline is Aug. 1 and Shohei Ohtani, the game's best and coolest player, is set to become a free agent after the season. Do they trade him or keep him? The Angels have had a rough few weeks but are hanging around the wild-card race, enough that keeping Ohtani and pushing for a postseason berth in August and September is a viable strategy. They don't have to trade him.

That said, it's likely the smart baseball move is trading Ohtani. The Angels are fading and Mike Trout will miss several more weeks following hamate surgery, and you can't let a player as good as Ohtani leave as a free agent and get nothing but one single draft pick in return. And Ohtani is almost certainly leaving. He's made it clear is priority is joining a contender in free agency.

"It sucks to lose. He wants to win, so it gets stronger every year," Ohtani said through his translator during the All-Star break.

Ohtani's unicorn skill set -- ace pitcher and middle-of-the-order thumper in one roster spot -- can not be accurately measured by any of our current trade valuation methods. Besides, Ohtani's trade value will be determined by supply and demand. If he becomes available, there will be a massive bidding war, and it only takes one team to make a crazy offer that breaks the scale.

So, which teams are best positioned to land Ohtani? Below, CBS Sports has ranked the 29 non-Angels clubs with respect to their perceived chances of striking a deal.

No point in even trying

29. Athletics
28. Royals
27. Nationals
26. White Sox
25. Rockies
24. Pirates

These six clubs are not in the postseason race and most of them don't have the pieces to swing an Ohtani trade (the Pirates do, the Nationals might). I suppose the Rockies could do a wacky Rockies thing or the ChiSox could pivot away from selling and bring in Ohtani to try to win a winnable AL Central, but it seems unlikely. These teams are not at the right place in the contention cycle to take a big swing on a rental, even a transcendent one like Shohei.